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Lunch with the children

Twenty three Reception parents joined the children for a school lunch on Friday, 4th October 2019.

Wholemeal Tuna Pasta Bake and a Fruit Cookie was on the menu and feedback from parents was very positive, they really enjoyed their school meal and sharing the experience of family service with the Reception children.

Please look out for details of the next ‘LUNCH WITH THE CHILDREN’ in the Woodlea Word.

Here are some of the comments received from parents attending our 'LUNCH WITH YOUR CHILD' sessions:

Very impressed with the family service.  The Year 2 servers were brilliant at making sure everyone on the table had what they needed.

It was lovely to see the family atmosphere that is created at Woodlea.

The children were very well behaved.  The whole experience was very enjoyable.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food.  Brilliant!

All the children really seem to enjoy lunchtimes at Woodlea.  The choice of food is amazing and it is lovely to see all the years interacting together.  Thank you for having me!

"Children were a pleasure to sit with, very chatty and very well behaved.  I was very impressed and loved the experience".

"Really lovely meal; nice to spend time with the children. Fab."

"The food was delicious.  I enjoyed experiencing the social environment and the lunchtime prayer is heartening.  So nice to be able to share this experience with my son".

"It was very well organised.  Children were happy and very pleased with the food on offer".

"Lovely, well balanced meal on a plate".

"Lovely experience - thank you for allowing the parents to join in.  Great to see the children co-operating with each other and so confident in their roles."

"Perfect - the food was lovely .... cannot fault.  The children were very well behaved.  The serving arrangements were social and organised."

"It was a lovely, enjoyable experience.  All of the children seemed very comfortable and relaxed.  A lovely 'set up'."

"The food was so tasty and I love the family environment."

"Delicious food! Most of the children asked for seconds!"

"I thought it was brilliant, such a nice idea to mix the years - it breaks down the barriers between the different year groups."

"I was very impressed with the food and the whole lunch time set up.  The kids on my table gave me plenty of positive feedback.  They explained how the servers help and how you can have a second helping by putting your hand up.  The kids truly enjoyed their healthy school dinner."

"Plenty of vegetables and fruit.  Well done."

"I thought the lunch/food was very good.  Some of the children had seconds and puddings were eaten very quickly! Would love to come again!"

"I had an amazing time and experience at lunch provided by the school.  The school runs an amazing, tasty and healthy food menu and a system that teaches kids about team work, (hence the servers), healthy eating and a chance to try a variety of food together."