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Times Tables

As you may be aware there have been recent changes to the National Curriculum. One of the major changes is that children should be able to recall multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12x12, by the end of Year 4.

Across the school we are having a huge push on learning our Times Tables. We have found that many of our children struggle to retain their knowledge of the tables and as they move onto learning a new table, they forget the ones they have learnt previously. We would appreciate it if you could spend time with your child, helping them to learn their times tables.

Here are some resources to help you!



We have launched Times Table Rockstars at Woodlea! 

Every pupil in KS2 will have a login that allows them to practise their times tables knowledge. It initially assesses the child and will then set times tables based on what is identified as an area for development. You can also challenge your friends to battles and even challenge your teachers! 


There are special events called 'Battle of the Bands' where class are pitted head-to-head to see which class can out rock the other! 


There are also individuals who will be recognised for their awesome performing on TTRockStars over a week period. They will be added to our 'Rock Hall of Fame' and their certificates will be posted here every Wednesday.



Well done to Woodlea Primary School for defeating the Teachers in TTRockstars - you absolutely smashed it! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to it. New certificates will be popping up this Wednesday and look out for some new battles coming your way.......There may be some rematches coming up........