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Year 2


Morning everyone - Happy St George's Day!

We hope you all have received your letter about our new Learning platform Edmodo and that you manage to log in and find your way to our page.

The Paddington Helps Out story so far is now in the Storytime folder on our page, together with both sections of Chapter 3. Watch out for chapter 4 tomorrow.

If you are looking for something different today, why not design a dragon of your own? You could give it a name and a special power. Have a look at the pictures on the link below to help .

Hello Badgers,

We hope that you all had a lovely weekend and are being helpful at home!

This week we have a time table to show all the activities we would like you to do plus additional worksheets, slides and examples to help you with your home learning.

 Some of the activities are timetabled in for specific days, but you can split the other activities across the week. We have included lots of different activities which we hope you will enjoy, however do not worry if you don’t manage to do them all, just do your best. There is a suggested timetable for each day  on one of the links below… is just a guideline and you may find it useful but if you prefer to change things around that is absolutely fine too!

Also, don’t worry if you do not have access to a printer, just look at the activity on the screen and write the answers or record your work in your books.

We have been busy over the holidays working on a way to make your home learning more interactive – look out for some more information from Mrs Riches this week. In the meantime, you can enjoy story time with Mrs Hill by clicking on the Paddington picture at the bottom of this page!

We hope you have a lovely week and don’t forget to thank the adults who are helping you with your learning at home. This is a new experience for all of us and we appreciate  your support as we navigate our way through these challenging times.

Best wishes

Mrs Menham and Mrs Hill 

 username : woodlea12    password :  woodlea     Login as for Numbots

Paddington by Peggy Fortnun