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Year 6

Hello Year 6!

Welcome to your final year at Woodlea Primary school! 

Year 6 is a busy year with learning, SATS, Production and many more things. And on top of that, we have several months of learning to catch up with too. Your final year is going to be intense, but you are all amazing, so I have no doubt that by working hard together, we will pull through it, and become stronger because of it. 

We have some exciting topics which we will be covering this year, including the Victorians which is our first topic! Available below are some activities you can do linked to the Victorians to prepare you for the Autumn term. 

I have also attached the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling list - you will need to be able to spell all of the Year 3/4 words and a lot of the Year 5/6 words, so if you are a bit rusty, give them a look over and practise over the summer. 

There is also TTRockstars to be going on with to keep your times table knowledge fresh and ready for the Autumn - as you will see, times tables underpins a lot of the maths we do in Year 6, so if you need to top-up your skills, have a go on there. I have also include some maths challenges if you feel like having a go at some tricky brain teasers!

That all being said, have a good rest over the summer and see you all in September! 


Mr Cole